Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lazy me

Indulgence enters into one's life in disguise. It first tempts you to take a break from the good old hard work you've been doing. It then shows you ways of comfort and luxury. Finally, it takes over your mind and controls your actions. Later still, you start justifying it.

Here are few things lazy about me:

1. Sometimes, I use the car to get to office. My justification for it - I'm too tired, or I'm ill, or I'm late and the buses would be too crowded. That's all crap! Completely trivial!

2. I've stopped washing my own clothes. Why? Because I caught a flu two weeks ago.

3. I've stopped studying stuff and reading. My justification - where's the time? I've got all the time in the world, and yet little motivation to study. All of this time, I'm merely dreaming or thinking about some issues in my life. Where's the space to understand others' problems.

4. I've stopped calling or writing to friends. Why? No particular reason! I can't even justify it.

5. I don't pay my bills on time. Again, sheer laziness!

6. I've stopped blogging and even thinking about India. Got to change this! Now!


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