Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kolkata: A Weekend

The city, like every other Indian city reflects images of the past, and of the future. Here are a few shots from my phone (hence the low resolution) of a day in Kolkata - the city of joy (Mukherjee?)
The order is completely random (well not really!)

The new symbol of the city (the second bridge over the Hooghly river).
The massive engineering feat reflects progress in the state. Or does it?

A republic day celebration at a locality
What does a republic day mean to a rickshaw puller?

The city has loads of glimpses of the British empire. Many have been preserved to date for their beauty. Or have we still not gotten over our rulers?

Morning Breakfast. National integration at this level - Puri Bhaji (a typical northern dish) is savored by many in Kolkata.

The many modes of transport in the city.


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