Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bicycles Inc.

I keep getting a lot of crazy ideas. Here's one! Why doesn't everybody start using bicycles for short distances? Here are a few obvious things to gain from using them:
1. Obviously no pollution. Gain in carbon credits for the country.
2. Less pressure on the country's fuel requirements.
3. Good health of the people - cycling is a good exercise.
4. Fewer accidents - how many times have you seen hoards of cyclists hurting each other.

And then some of the more obscure things:
5. Better roads - lesser abrasion of road materials.
6. Lesser power requirements in companies - people would have to start early in the morning and leave early in the evening - for which sunlight could directly be used to lighten the buildings.
7. Lifestyle of rickshaw pullers gets a boost.
8. Bicycles mean not only healthier people but more alertness for them, more athleticism, and less of the oh so prevalent cut-throat mindset.
9. Lesser spending on fuel, cars and accidental repairs means better lifestyle for the people.
10. World peace - people would have lesser time for fighting with each other - since they'd be too busy cycling to their workplace.

Of course, there could be some people who'd be unhappy with this development:
1. Car dealers - what would they do? How about selling cycles?
2. Car manufacturers - Oh don't they have enough money? They could start manufacturing bicycles. After all where they'd be selling a single car - they would sell 3/4 bicycles in a family. The profits would admittedly be low - but what the hell! That's a small price for the country's overall happiness. We will get back to this issue in some other post and analyze what can be done for car manufacturers!
3. India Inc. - this thing does not really exist! It is only a virtual image of things that the developed world has created for our country. It does not really capture the aspirations and nature of problems of the Indian masses.
4. The developed world. Well they've had their time.

So! What say?


Neat Rat said...

I really like reason #7, 8 & 10..!! :-)

Manish Malik said...



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