Sunday, August 10, 2008

Non-performing Cricketers

There have been lots of controversies about players being Gods, and the same players being inconsistent, and the critics favoring or bashing them.

Are the cricketers really to blame if, without being consistent players, they lay claim to being part of the national teams on grounds like seniority. What active option do they have if they are to leave the national team? None, I guess. The only thing they can resort to is Advertising...

Maybe, having the team structures revamped to a level where other than the national leagues, players who are or have been part of the national squad form a separate league of their own, can help. Let there be two national teams, an A and a B. The A team handles all the tough international teams, while the B gets to play the easier ones (spelt Bangladesh, Kenya, etc.)

What that means is that if a player like Sachin Tendulkar, or Virender Sehwag does not perform consistently, they can be removed from the national team without too much heartburn or creating a public issue. These players can continue to play in the new "league" of players which play the slightly easier international teams (Bangladesh et al) and get sufficient money. This way, if and when they regain form, they can be brought back into the mainstream play. If they don't perform there either, they can be rested (spelt thrown out).

Just a thought...

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