Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sorry! But we're Indians

Is it a thing to be sorry about? To be an Indian... Not really! Though, the day doesn't seem too far away. We have managed to pick up so much from the western culture, and yet here are a few questions:

> We've managed to learn to respect people wearing shirts and suits, while we haven't still caught up with the stop-at-red-lights culture.
What is it about us that wants to make us unruly on the roads? Why can't we peacefully stop when the lights turn red? Is it that hard? Why can't we drive in a single lane? Why do we take pride in driving faster than other drivers?

> We've managed to learn how to build good roads, and yet lost the honesty involved in building them (look at the sorry state of the roads in my country...). Why are the roads always broken when there's rain? Why are some roads never repaired? Does our government have no money? Or no time?

> We've learnt to accept the rock culture (and gay parades...), and yet we don't have enough tolerance towards the different religions that color the people of our nation. Why don't we abolish all such religious practices that create friction between fellow earthlings? Why doesn't our government ban public religious activities altogether? Did Gautam Buddha acquire enlightenment in a crowd? Did any rshi or any sant ever find God or Allah in a temple or in a mosque? I say, break all the temples and all the mosques in this country and create houses for the poor and food for the underfed! Let God be in our hearts and not in some buildings of grandeur.

> We've learnt English as our medium of communication - a good thing since it links us with the world. But why have we lost touch with Sanskrit, Farsi and Urdu? Why have we forgotten these languages that define our culture? Why should all the authoritative books on Sanskrit and Urdu come from people of foreign origin when this is the land of their genesis?

> We've learnt how to make money (or have we?). But why are we headed in the same capitalist way that the US did? Why do we ever believe that their economic stances are superior to those taken by our ancients? At this time, I remember one small piece that our beloved martyr Bhagat Singh wrote: The light burns dim in the lamps of the needy, and in such light a thousand revolutions thrive!

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